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Meet Natalie


  • Doctoral-level training and education in psychotherapy and systemic practice

  • Graduated from a nationally (COAMFTE) accredited marital and family therapy masters program

Natalie earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from California State University, Fullerton and her master of science degree in marital and family therapy with an emphasis in addiction counseling from Loma Linda University. She has a background in intensive addiction treatment, couple and family therapy, and adolescents in crisis. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, such as in outpatient psychiatry, forensic neuropsychology, partial hospitalization, addiction treatment centers, and in private practice.

Natalie has received advanced training in emotionally focused therapy as she completed a certified EFT externship led by Sue Johnson, the creator of EFT. She also completed a 6 week seminar in EFT taught by a certified emotionally focused therapist at Loma Linda University. 

Natalie has a passion for creating satisfying and successful relationships, her work often focuses on relationship health and wellness. Her approach to psychotherapy is holistic in that she attends to the biological, psychological, and social domains of mental health.

Natalie is currently a doctoral student in marital and family therapy where she researches mental health program evaluation and studies advanced psychotherapy practices. She also teaches family systems therapy coursework to masters students at Loma Linda University, School of Behavioral Health. In her spare time, Natalie loves to mentor trainee therapists, practice yoga, and volunteer in the community.

To contact Natalie directly, send her an e-mail at or call her at 949-478-5278.

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