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Bret turecek, M.A., APCC #2055

Bret holds an M.A. in Educational & Clinical Counseling from Azusa Pacific University, as well as a Masters in Divinity from Biola University. Prior to Newport Couple & Family Therapy, Bret had previously worked in settings such as schools and play therapy environments, and with specialized issues including trauma, abuse, and autism. Bret also has experience with faith-based settings and is very comfortable working with spiritual issues, as he appreciates how our faith and spirituality can shape how we think, feel, act, and put everything into perspective, while also raising difficult life questions that people are seeking help with.

Bret is presently specializing in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and enjoys seeing how it is bringing healing to relationships generally speaking, to romantic relationships especially. Bret appreciates how the EFT approach pays special attention to our emotional experiences because our emotions serve as important signals for our deepest attachment needs. Bret likes using the EFT approach to map out the negative cycles of our relationship interactions, and bring clarity into how our relationships can so easily start to spin out of control.

Bret is a big advocate of incorporating the “Common Factors” that make therapy successful regardless of the therapy still or the issue. The factors that are important to Bret include 1) building a strong therapeutic alliance, 2) instilling confidence that the therapeutic process can work, 3) providing an accurate roadmap for how positive changes can be realistically achieved, 4) creating a safe environment to try out new ways of feeling, thinking, and acting, and 5) consolidating our newfound resources so that we can keep them going for life.

To contact Bret directly, send him an e-mail at, or call him at 949-529-1107.

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